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New Release: 1st March 2023

Indigo in the Storm

by Kate Gordon


Indigo Michael isn’t like other kids. And her mum isn’t like other mums.

Life for people like them isn’t meant to have meaning—it’s just something

to be survived in whatever way you can.

When her mum abandons her, Aster’s Aunt Noni becomes her foster parent.

Suddenly Indigo has a new ‘family’—one she didn’t ask for and isn’t even sure she

wants. Then she meets Liam. He graffitis revolutionary words across the world,

words that make Indigo want to run towards something, build something, be

something. For the first time in a long time, Indigo feels she has made a genuine

friend, which makes it even harder when that friendship is betrayed …

This poignant companion novel to the CBCA Award winning

Aster’s Good, Right Things explores the different shapes of friendship and family,

and how a lonely girl learns what it means to truly belong.