By: YBB | September 06, 2018

SAMMY: Hi everyone, Sammy here! This week I'm chatting to illustrator Sona Babajanyan about her illustrations for our forthcoming picture book Filthy Fergal by author Sigi Cohen. The story is all about Fergal, a happy lad with a putrid stench! When even the rats and cockroaches are driven out of town by his ‘aroma’, Fergal sets out to find somewhere he belongs, and discovers that even a boy who smells like him can find a place to call home. Sona, can you tell us some more about Filthy Fergal and what it was like working on the book?

SONA: Oh, I loved working on this story! A story about a filthy boy? And he is not even going to change? What’s the moral? I loved that there is no “moral” in a traditional sense, that Fergal is happy just...

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By: YBB | August 30, 2018

SAMMY: I've loved meeting some of our wonderful authors in the last few weeks, but this week, for the very first time, I get to chat with one of our talented illustrators. Monty Lee provided the beautiful illustrations for Lynn Ward's new picture book Grumpy Bear, Grouchy Bear, which will be in bookshops mid-September. I can't wait to find out all about what it's like to be an illustrator, so let's get started! Monty, did you always want to be an artist or illustrator when you were growing up?


MONTY: I can’t remember ever wanting to do anything else. As both my parents were artists and my father taught art, we had lots of paints/inks/pencils and papers in the house. We were allowed to use almost everything (but had to stay away fr...

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By: YBB | August 16, 2018

SAMMY: Hi Lynn, and welcome you to Yellow Brick Books! Our readers are keen to know all about you and your new book, so let's get started. Can you tell us about about your new book?

LYNN: Grumpy Bear, Grouchy Bear has been in the pipeline for a while now. I liked playing around with the rhymes and rhythms in the story. I sent it off to Yellow Brick Books and they liked it too, so now it will be published. Bear is rather grumpy because he’s hungry and he is not very good at sourcing food. I like the fact that the little mouse is kind and sharing and that once Bear’s tummy is full he is much happier. I think most of us are like that don’t you?

SAMMY: I know I sometimes get a bit grumpy when I'm hungry. But I'll tell you a secret, Lynn - I als...

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By: YBB | August 09, 2018

SAMMY: Hi Sigi! We're so excited to welcome you to Yellow Brick Books. We know our readers would just love to get to know you, so let's have a chat about your books and what you do. To start off with, can you tell us about all about your new book?

SIGI: My latest book is called Filthy Fergal. It’s a story in rhyming verse about the filthiest boy on earth who is so dirty and smelly he has to sit inside a plastic bubble at school. Even the town’s rats are forced to flee from Fergal’s odour. I wrote this story some few years ago, having been inspired to some extent by Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake.

Filthy Fergal was originally meant to be an anti-fairy tale about a most unwholesome character, but it actually includes quite a wholesome message ...

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